Luggage Storage・Delivery Service

Baggage-free Sightseeing
Enjoy a light travel.

Stop dragging your baggage around during the travel.
At Machi-nori, we offer a very affordable baggage storage services.
The availability of baggage storage services is
not only limited to customers that use our Machi-nori Bicycle Rental Service.

Luggage Storage

Basic fees

  • Up to 2 units of baggage(under 65cm)¥300
  • If one of the baggage’s height exceeds 65cm, you need to pay additional charges of ¥200

※We accept cash payment only.

Business hours

※Please pick up your baggage during business hours.

Payment examples

1 unit of baggage under 65cm + 1 unit of baggage over 65cm

Total amount:



3 units of baggage under 65cm

Total amount:




2 units of baggage under 65cm + 1 unit of baggage over 65cm

Total amount:




2 units of baggage under 65cm + 2 units of baggage over 65cm

Total amount:





Is there a size limit for stored baggage?

Maximum height of baggage is 200 cm, maximum weight is 30 kg.

Is there any kind of items that cannot be stored?

Refrigerated goods, frozen goods, fragile goods, valuables, pets, hazardous goods.

Is it possible to store my baggage for more than a day?

No, you cannot. Our baggage storage system is only available during the office hours, 9am-6pm. Therefore, you need to take back your baggage before our office is closed.

Is the baggage storage system only offered to customers that use Machi-nori Bicycle Rental Services?

Not at all. You can definitely use the baggage storage services even if you do not use Machi-nori Bicycle Rental Services.

Am I allowed to access my baggage while being stored?

Yes, as often as you want. But, as long as it is within the office hours, 9am-6pm.

Can I add the items of baggage?

Yes, you can. Additional fees will not be charged if the added items, are stored inside the baggage that are already using the baggage storage services.

What are the maximum number of items that can be stored?

We do not have limit for number of items that can be stored.
※ But, if you wish to use the baggage storage system for more than 10 items, please contact us first so that we can save the space for you.

Can I store golf bag, ski equipment, surfing board, snowboard, musical instrument or bicycle?

Yes, you can. But, only if it does not exceed the 200 cm of height, 30 kg of weight.

What should I do if I lost the ticket? (You will receive a ticket that are written your baggage number)

We can look up your baggage’s number with your name and your cell number,so please don’t worry if you lost the ticket.

Can I get discount for Machi-nori Bicycle Rental Services if I use the baggage storage system?

No, you do not get discount.

If theft or damage are occurred, can I get compensation?

Delivery Service

We provide a special service, delivering your luggage from your accommodation to Machi-nori Head Office (in front of Kanazawa Station)

※Machi-nori Head Office (3-2 Konohana-machi, Kanazawa)

Disclaimer and Compensation System


While we make every effort to ensure that your baggage is handled with utmost care, we will not be liable for the following kind of damages:

  • damage resulted from an inherent defect or quality or vice of musical instruments, sports equipment (surfboards, windsurfing gear, scuba gear, bicycles, etc.) china, glass, liquor, etc.
  • damage as a result of overweighting or over-packing or damage caused by defects in the baggage itself. Also, damage or loss that results from normal wear and tear in the course of normal handling.
  • loss or damage to protruding parts such as detachable wheels/straps/hooks/name tags/belts or minor damage such as scratches/scuffs/dents/cuts/dirt.


Basically, repair or some other form of compensation will be offered for those damages that qualify. Some cases may be handled in ways other than repair due to factors such as the extent of damage and time considerations.
¥150,000 per customer is the indemnity limit for baggage and/or personal belongings (the amount to be paid if the Machi-nori is responsible for the damage to the baggage, etc.) when the value of the baggage was not declared. If the actual value exceeds ¥150,000, please consult the staff. Compensation is only possible if the responsibility of the damages are lies with Machi-nori.
Please note that following disclaimers may apply and some cases may not be eligible for compensation.

What is Baggage-free Sightseeing?

You are ready and excited for your journey in Kanazawa, but the baggage is weighing you down.
At Machi-nori, we handle everything, starting from large suitcase to small souvenirs bags.
You do not have to use our Machi-nori Bicycle Rental Service to use our baggage storage service.
You can now enjoy sightseeing without having to lug your baggage around.