How to Use

Rent Bicycle

One Time User/Monthly User Member Plans

Payment with credit card

One Day Pass Non-member Plans

Cash/credit card payment

[One Time User/Monthly User] is perfect for people who want to use bicycle repeatedly, together with other public transportations.
[One Day Pass] is recommended for people who want to ride bicycle without worrying about time limit.

Rate Plans

Return bicycle

Please return bicycle to the nearest Machi-nori port

  • 1

    Return bicycle into the rack and lock it (slide Orange lever then slide down)

  • 2

    Check the [LOCK] display on the panel and push the [ENTER].

    Make sure to check [RETURN] on the panel.
    If it not displayed the [RETURN] has not been completed.

Temporary Parking
(except Machi-nori port)

  • 1

    To Park

    Manually lock the bicycle (Slide Orange lever then slide down)

  • 2

    To Reuse

    Repeat the renting process

Please take note of the following
things when parking
  1. Please make sure to return bicycle to the port after using.
  2. Please park at the parking spots, avoid parking at the No Park Zone at any costs.

How to use a power-assist bicycle

  • Electric assist power button is on the left side of a bicycle handlebar.
  • Press the power button and check the battery level before using it.
Please wait a few seconds without turning the pedals. The electric motor runs from the moment you press the power button, so please be careful when you start pedaling.