Anyone can use it easily
Rental Bicycle to share with everyone

MACHINORI is a service that shares a bicycle with everyone unlike general rental cycle.
You can rent and return bicycles at any of the 21 cycle ports installed around the city. You can also hire out and return bicycle at the Machinori Head Office.
The basic charge is 200 yen per day. It is a wallet-friendly price!
As long as you get one cycle port to another within 30 minutes, you can use bicycles as many times as you like with the basic charge only.

※ A credit card is required at the time of your registration.

One day bicycle rental is also available

We also offer a type of bicycle that cannot be returned to the ports (handled only by the Machinori Head Office).
Electric-assisted bicycles are also available. You can choose a bicycle according to your purpose of use.

Want to enjoy more with MACHINORI!

There is a little advantage Machinori Coupon to enjoy your travelling around Kanazawa. With the campaign of Machinori Mission, you can take and upload pictures while riding bicycle. Some original goods are available collaborated with the local Kanazawa shop!

Contact Information

Kanazawa Bicycle Rental
Machinori Head OfficLive 1 Kanazawa (1st Floor) 3-2 Konohana machi,
Kanazawa city, Ishikawa Prefecture.

0120-3190-47Reception Hours:9:00〜18:00

Main Services

  • Bicycle Rental
  • Motor-assisted Bicycle Rental (handled only by Machinori Head Office)
  • Helmet Rental
  • Various Events and Campaigns
  • Selling of Machinori Original Goods
  • Baby Car Rental Service(Baby Nori)
  • Baggage Storage Service

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